I suppose it would happen sooner or later but I was kind of hoping never.

My own mother found this blog.  She found everything, via twitter.  She didn’t close the browser when she found it, instead reading practically everything, and looking at everything.

That was NOT was I was hoping to find out when I woke up this morning and found she had followed me on Twitter.  I called her and it was one of the most awful conversations I’ve had.  Everything was out of the bag.  My interest in BDSM, my dancing, my relationship.  Everything.

For that reason I’m yanking this blog.  I plan on making a new one.

She’s not disowning me, she didn’t shame me, she doesn’t hate me, but she’s disappointed.  Not in my interests or my job, but the fact I posted things with my face in it.  I take that as the least worse thing that could happen, which sounds odd but is true.

I suppose that’s it.